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Resources dedicated to supporting parents, teachers, and leaders who want to confidently support multilingual learners’ language development journey.

I am on a mission to empower multilingual students, parents, and leaders to understand the benefits of being bilingual in today’s society.

I enjoy sharing practical knowledge and strategies to support multilingual and English learner education. 

Parenting English Learners

Resources are essential in supporting English learners who are new to US schools.

Parenting Bilingual Students

Resources, ideas, and information in support of multilingual learners.

Educator Resources

Resources for educators of multilingual learners.

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Language Facts… Did you know!?


The number of languages spoken in the world!!


Languages are spoken by more than half the world’s population!!


The number of English speakers in the world!!

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Anne Shoemaker

I have worked with Dr. Sugely Solano for over 3 years, watching her transform the classroom experience for multilingual learners in middle and high schools. She’s passionate and dedicated to providing a true language learning experience for all students, which shows up in how she supports her teachers with ongoing professional development, collaborative PLC opportunities, and the implementation of data-driven instruction. Sugely’s expertise comes from her own personal experience coming to the US and also her vast knowledge of what is needed to fully prepare English learners to succeed in all classes, in and out of school, and for college, and career-readiness.


“Thanks for mentioning that you need to set up a dedicated area for your child to study. My son has special needs, so I think it would be good for him to learn remotely. I think not being in a busy classroom would definitely help with his sensory issues.”


“It did catch my attention when you said that speaking multiple languages benefits children and language exposure and resources impact them. This reminds me of my sister, who is interested in making sure that her three-year-old daughter will be under a dual language immersion program next month. I could imagine how she wanted to make sure that her daughter would have an environment that would allow her to speak two languages with freedom. ”​


“Excellent article with helpful information for undocumented students who are interested in becoming professionals. thanks for your support.”

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