7 Spanish Podcasts for Kids

Learning a language can be challenging when bilingual resources are not easily accessible. Language learners must practice a target language regularly to develop listening skills in that target language. One way to do this is to listen to audio Spanish podcasts for kids.

A podcast is an audio archive that presents information based on the presenter’s interest. Podcasts are very useful because listeners can listen at their own time. Additionally, podcasts are a great way to engage language learners to develop their listening skills.

I love podcasts because I can listen while doing home chores or driving. I usually listen to podcasts that share the latest news or learn new things. For language learners, listening is one skill that influences oral language development. For this reason, a student must be able to understand and engage in conversations. Kids also benefit from reading in the target language when learning Spanish.

The following podcast list provides 8 Spanish podcasts suitable for kids of different ages. Please share any podcast you may know about to add to the list. To improve your reading skills, you may want to check out our reading resources!

Sésamo en las Comunidades

Offers video-like content about health, well-being, emotional topics, and school. Very similar to Sesame place, where kids are engaged in discussions. Listen Here.

La Biblia para Niños

This podcast focuses on learning about the bible in Spanish. However, the creators engage kids in discussions about the bible in a kid-friendly manner. Listen here

Cuentos Para Niños y Niñas

A relatively new podcast that reads stories to kids. Although it uses classic stories, it makes them fun and appropriate for kids of all ages. Listen Here.

Cuentos infantiles y para todas las edades

A collection of family-oriented stories that include terror, legends, and stories. Listen Here.

Allegro Mágico

A music podcast for kids and families that entertains. It uses a fun way to teach about authors and music. Listen Here.

Eat Your Spanish

An interactive Spanish learning podcast for kids and families! Listen Here.

Los Niños y Jimeno

A conversational podcast where kids answer about real-life conversations in a kid style. Listen Here.

Los Niños y Tumble en Español

This is the Spanish adaptation of the popular English language podcast called Tumble Science Podcast for Kids. Listen Here.

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