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In this space, I share resources and ideas that I have accumulated through my personal and professional experience. More specifically, my experience as an English language learner, educator, leader, and parent.

I believe that the importance of learning a language is well-supported when a child’s language development is encouraged, celebrated, and recognized as part of their identify.

Sugely Solano, Ed. D.
sugely solano

Personal Experience

A lifelong English learner

I consider myself a life-long English language learner. As a student, I migrated to the US when I was 12 years old. This experience has allowed me to learn English as a second language. This is a personal learning experience that I cherish and love to share.

Professional Experience

As an ESOL Teacher Coordinator, I lead and advocate for Bilinguals and English language learners in the Brandywine School District. Additionally, as a language learner, I guided, supported, and advocated for my own children in a Spanish dual-language immersion school.

I recognize that there is a wealth of information and resources available to language learner teachers. However, we lack such resources for parents of language learners. I hope to engage parents and teachers of Bilinguals and English language learners. I’ll do this by sharing my own thoughts, resources, and personal and professional experience as an English language learner.

Sugely Solano

Recent Publications

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