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Here is a list of items I highly recommend and use regularly. I will keep adding my own finds and welcome any recommendations.

Shopping & Pantry

If you are looking to keep track of what to do and what to buy this is the perfect notepad to use.

My favorite notepad to check off what I need when grocery shopping!

I struggle organizing my small pantry before I found these and now cant leave without them.

More organizers to airtight food and keep it organized.

Now that most grocery stores are charging for bags I been using these cute bags for my grocery trips. They are not too big or too small and easy to put away when done.

Grocery shop in style if you like neutral colors.

These are much larger for those that rather fit everything in less bags.

Organize Your Plants

There are so many choose from so check out this link to see even more options to choose from.

If you have many more plants here a bigger plant stand you use.

I struggled finding space with light for my plants until I found this cute plant stand. It seats by the window and all plants get the light they need!

Plant stands maximize your space. These are excellent to bring plants in door during winter motnhs.

This metal stand is great for the ones that prefer metal over wood.

Want more options? There are so many choose from so check out this link to see even more options to choose from.



A visit to our local nutritionist taught about this chewable vitamins. Before this my son kept skipping his tablets but now loves to take his vitamin each day.


1 a day also has a teen girl version that my daughter takes and enjoys as well.


There are so many probiotics out there but I have been taking these for years and I love them. They have helped me with my digestive system and no longer have to take fiber tablets.


These natural gummies are great for anxiety.

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