Another Benefit of Being Bilingual

I often find myself reading articles and research addressing the benefits of being bilingual. Today, one of the weekly newsletters I read included the article titled Bilinguals Single Out Second Language While Reading. Let’s discuss one more benefit of Being Bilingual.

Another benefit of being bilingual

The article focuses on the results of a cognition study that shows that bilinguals who are highly proficient in their second language can overcome reading difficulties. The study also showed that Bilinguals can thrive in their second language and use reading strategies like their monolingual peers.

This is an excellent example of why learning a second language is crucial for children early on. The ability to activate and in-activate strategies while reading or problem-solving gives bilinguals an advantage when problem-solving. Furthermore, exposure to other languages gives bilinguals the advantage of learning new cultures that expand knowledge and language resources.

I know I experience this when I solve situations as an educational leader. I tend to think and find solutions that are different from what others may present. In my experience, exposing kids to other cultures gives them an advantage.

Bilinguals Make Predictions

The study found that non-bilingual children found it difficult to make predictions. In contrast, bilingual children were able to make predictions. According to the study, bilinguals apply strategies and knowledge only learned when someone acquires two languages.

The study also suggests that bilinguals solve fundamental language problems. Therefore, they can easily determine the meaning of new words and apply their two languages when reading. What differs in bilinguals is the advantage of applying strategies they acquire by learning two languages. This happens because of the additional demands one experiences when learning and using two languages.

Why not give your child this exposure, knowing it would only benefit them in the long run? Many other perks come with the benefit of being bilingual. As the article Bilinguals Single Out Second Language While Reading mentions, being able to engage in reading strategies in multiple languages is just one more quality to add.

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  1. It was nice that you said that basic language problems could be resolved by bilingual studies. As you said, this allows children to understand the meaning of new words. With this in mind, I will consider finding a dual language immersion program for my son who will turn 4th grade next school year. It is important for me to ensure that it will become easier for him to express his thoughts using different languages to improve his confidence, so your tips are helpful.

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