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Communication among teachers and parents can happen using several tools that are available to schools. The following apps for parent teacher communication are some of the apps that schools use to bridge communication with parents. Parent communication apps help bridge communication gaps and support student education.

Parent teacher communication that offer translation

ParentSquare is a school communication platform that offers messaging, announcements, sign-ups, and surveys to streamline parent-teacher communication.

ParentSquare is a specialized communication platform for schools and families that offers various tools and features to connect educators, administrators, students, and parents. It includes messaging, calendars, permission slips, volunteer sign-ups, gradebooks, and more to streamline communication. This platform aims to improve communication between schools and families, keeping parents informed about their child’s progress and events in real-time, and allowing educators to manage everything in one place. See ParentSquare App.

Translation Available

Translation Available

Remind is an educator communication platform that sends messages and updates to their students and parents. It allows for quick and easy communication via text, email, or push notifications.

Teachers can send reminders about assignments, exams, and upcoming events, while parents can receive updates on their child’s progress in class. The app also allows for group messaging and the ability to schedule messages in advance. Remind is available for both iOS and Android devices. See Remind App.

Bloomz is a communication platform designed for teachers and parents to collaborate in their students’ education. The platform offers a variety of features for teachers to communicate with parents, schedule events, and share classroom updates, while also enabling parents to stay informed about their child’s education progress.

Classroom management tools are also available, such as an attendance tracker, behavior tracking, and volunteer sign-ups. The platform encrypts all data, providing a highly secure and private environment. Bloomz is an efficient way for teachers and parents to stay connected and involved in their students’ education. See Bloomz.

Translation Available

Translation Available

ClassDojo is an online communication platform designed for teachers, students, and parents. With ClassDojo, teachers can create virtual classrooms, engage students in discussions, share photos and videos of class activities, and track student progress so parents can be informed about how their child is doing.

Parents can use ClassDojo to communicate with their child’s teachers, receive updates on their child’s attendance and progress, and view photos and videos of their child in the classroom. The platform also includes resources for students to improve their behavior and social-emotional skills.

Overall, ClassDojo aims to foster a positive and collaborative environment for teachers, students, and parents, and to help meet the unique needs of each student in the classroom. See classdojo application.

Translation Available

SchoolMessenger: A school communication app that enables teachers and administrators to send alerts, notifications, and updates to parents via text, voice, or email.

SchoolMessenger is a communication platform used by schools and districts to send important information to parents, students, and staff. It offers voice and text messaging, email, a mobile app, social media integration, language translation, and attendance tracking. It helps improve communication, leading to better student outcomes and increased engagement from the community. See schoolmessenger.

TalkingPoints is a multilingual messaging app that facilitates communication between teachers and parents who speak different languages.

Talking points provides a seamless translation. When a teacher sends an English message the parent receives the message in their native language. Talkingpoints automatically translates any communication from parent to teacher and teacher to parent.

An advantage of this app is that teachers can also use it with students as necessary. See talkingpoints.

Translation Available

Parent teacher communication with NO translation

ClassTag is a communication platform designed specifically for teachers, parents, and students. The platform allows teachers to stay connected with parents and share information about their child’s progress, schedules, and upcoming events.

It also includes features such as messaging, class announcements, and event scheduling. Additionally, ClassTag offers a reward system through which teachers can earn points and redeem them for classroom supplies or experiences. The platform is available online and as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. See classtag.

Konstella is a communication and organization platform designed for schools and parent-teacher organizations. It helps parents, teachers, and school administrators stay connected through a single app with features like messaging, calendar integration, sign-up forms, volunteer management, and fundraising tools. By using Konstella, parents can stay informed about their child’s education, organize and sign up for school events, and communicate directly with teachers and other parents.

Schools can use Konstella to streamline communication, organize events, manage volunteers, and fundraise more efficiently. The platform is easy to use, customizable, and secure, ensuring that all communication and data remain private and confidential. Overall, Konstella aims to strengthen the bond between parents, teachers, and the school community, providing a better educational experience for all. See Konstella.

Parent teacher communication apps are changing how schools and parents connect. Communication happens more frequently and quicker enhancing supports for families. Some of these apps for parent teacher communication offer offer translation helpful to non english speaking families.

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