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Key Benefits of Back to School Nights for Parents

In August, most schools will be starting the school year. Back to school night is an important school event to learn about the upcoming school year. Each year starts a new journey for our kids and this year promises to be another great one.

back to school night

After a school registration or a school change it is a good idea to attend open house events and back to school night. But what is back to school night? What is an Open House?

Open House Night

Some schools have gotten creative about open house school nights. Open house event is a brief introduction to school and staff. Some open house school nights are considered a fun night for students to meet and greet the school principal, administrators, support personnel, and teachers.

I have seen school nights include an ice cream social or a picnic event. Open house information date and time are often mailed home or posted on school website.

Keep in mind that there are times when class lists and your child’s teacher might not be finalize, and changes may happen. This happened to us once when we went in and thought we met my child’s teacher, but once school started the class teacher changed. There are several reasons why this might happen, such as last-minute class additions, classroom size adjustments, or gender balance across different class sizes.

What to do during Open House Night

Back to school night is also when you’ll get to find out about uniform policies and specific class list materials. For students, this is the time to figure out which of their friends will be in the same class.

Figure out school supplies and uniform policies. Enjoy the food and meet other families.

Back to School Night

Although both events are very important, Back to School Night seems to be the most attended event at the beginning of the school year. Back to School Night gives parents an understanding of what your child’s school day is like.

Elementary Schools

In elementary schools the night back to school begins with an orientation. There they are informed of several policies related to the school. They then attend a classroom orientation where the teacher provides information on what school day will be like for your child.

It also discusses homework policy, homework help, class schedule, and academic requirements. It’s like getting a vision of what the routine will be like. Class and book materials are also presented at this time.

Don’t forget to visit special classes like art, technology, library, physical education, and music. Here you can report the requirements of each class and what each class will teach during the school year.

Secondary Schools

High schools offer a slightly different event than elementary school. Upon arrival at the school, the parent receives the student’s class schedule. This schedule is mimicked tonight for parents to visit each class for approximately 20 minutes per class.

This is when each teacher presents and shares information about the requirements and instruction of their class. This includes rules, grades, and policies that have to do with tasks and assessments. Some teachers also take the time to get to know your child a little and provide their contact information.

Finally, tonight also shares about after-school activities and sports.

What to do during Back to School Night

As mentioned above, this is one of the most attended nights by parents and students. It’s important to attend to understand your child’s school routine. Ask questions about homework and what to do if your child doesn’t understand a task.

Share concerns about your child or make an appointment to discuss in more detail. Learn about the possibilities of after-school sports and activities. Subscribe to the email list.

You can ask about sing up information about any program used to communicate, such as the “class dojo” application. In case your child is attending a bilingual program, ask how you can help from home in Spanish.

Parent involvement in back-to-school nights is very important. When students see their parents show interest in their education they show more self-efficacy or interest about education. Teachers tend to get more excited when they see a family showing interest in their child’s education. It’s never too late to get involved in our children’s education.

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  1. It was very informative to know that 20 minutes is the alloted time given to parents to attend a secondary class. My son is entering college soon, and we all want him to pick the best school that he thinks he will excel at. That being said, we’ll make sure to look for qualified school board candidates.

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