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How to Use Reading A-Z to Access Spanish Books

A Resource for Spanish Books

Finding grade level Spanish books for Spanish readers can be a bit of a challenge for parents raising bilingual kids. When my daughter first entered a dual language school I could not find Spanish books to read at home. I remember visiting our local libraries and noticing that there weren’t that many Spanish books to check out. I was not aware of Reading A-Z Spanish book availability.

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The school did not seem to have enough Spanish-speaking books available in their library. Paperback books online had a higher price because of limited availability. It seemed like these websites knew that parents of bilinguals were desperate for materials to use at home.

My search continued until I found a website called Reading A-Z. Reading A-Z is a website that contains thousands of reading materials to use and download. The website covers reading skills that help with reading instruction.

The online reading program provides hundreds of leveled readers spanned across 29 levels of difficulty in English, Spanish, French, and British English at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Once you set up an account your child can listen to the audiobooks, read along as they listen or read the books on their own. Please note that I have no affiliation with the company Reading A-Z. I am writing about this website because it helped me over the years.

What I like most about the Reading A-Z website is its large number of available Spanish books. These can be read on a tablet and printed. Audiobooks are a great way for children to listen to books.

Most books contain a quiz that students can take after listening to or reading a book. The quizzes help build comprehension skills when listening or reading depending on the format used.

Listening Feature

One way to use the listening feature is to have your child listen to books that contain the speaker icon signaling the listening feature. If you are a native English speaker that’s unable to read to your child in Spanish, this particular tool reads to your child allowing him/her to take a quiz at the end of the book.

Doing this on a regular basis will provide your child with ongoing practice and model reading in Spanish. Each quiz assesses listening comprehension requiring students to pay attention to the story that’s read out loud.

Reading Feature

The reading feature provides students hundreds of fiction and non-fiction colorful leveled books to choose from covering multiple categories. Students select from a variety of books to read. Some of the categories include science, social studies, animals, everyday things, and much more.

A reading level should be assigned to your child’s account depending on his/her reading level. Talk to your child’s teacher to figure out which level to start with or use the below image to make an informed decision. Use the chart below to select appropriate grade level readers if you are unable to speak to your child’s teacher.

reading A-Z Spanish books

Purchasing Options

Reading A-Z is known and used in many schools across the US. Some teachers purchase and provide account access to students on their own. Others are able to get a subscription through their schools and use the accounts in their classrooms. The program is available as a stand alone or for use with classrooms. Ask your child teacher if they have an account they can share login access to use at home.

Parents can purchase an account on their own at The website offers other resources that you may want to check out.


Some schools use this online program to support their reading programs in schools. Your child might have an account already. Inquire with your child’s teacher if, by any chance, they are already using this program before you purchase your accounts. Support from home by building a learning routine and check out these other free resources of Spanish books.

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    I am inquiring about a 3 hour/credit Reading course that you all may offer. Possibly online course work. I am a Texas certified teacher and I need to add some sort of Reading Teaching course (any level) to obtain my Michigan certification.

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