dual language programs

Dual Language Immersion Programs

Over the last years, dual language immersion programs have become increasingly famous and available to all families. In some schools, parents now have the option to enroll their child in dual language classrooms. However, some families are sometimes skeptical about enrolling their child in a dual-language program.

dual language programs
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What is a dual language immersion program?

Dual Language Immersion Programs also refer to as Two-way Bilingual Immersion. Dual language programs use two languages for literacy and content instruction for all students. Programs use English, and a partner language, often Spanish, to teach academic content in both languages.

Teaching Models

There are several teaching models available in dual language immersion programs. There are two main teaching models generally refer to as “90/10” and “50/50”.

90/10 Model

In the 90/10 model, 90% of instruction in the first year or two is in the partner language while 10% in English. Over the course of the primary grades, the percentage of instruction in the minority language decreases, while the percentage of instruction in English gradually increases. By about fourth or fifth grade, instructional time in each language reaches a 50/50 ratio.

50/50 Model

In the 50/50 model, instruction in English and the partner language is divided evenly at all grades. In this model, some schools alternate language instruction in a particular language every other day. Others offer instruction in both languages every day.

In a dual-language programs, students learn Mathematics in the target language with support from the English teacher. Instruction in the target language focuses on language arts. Specifically in on reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

While, English language instruction focuses on English language arts along with listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Teachers use music and movement to teach young learners and make learning fun.

Availability and Program Types

Across the USA, districts offer two options of the Dual language immersion programs within schools. You have the option to enroll your child in a school-wide Elementary immersion school or in an add-on immersion program offered in limited classrooms. Dual language immersion Program availability varies by state and among school districts.

Share your experience so far. Is your child enrolled in a dual language immersion program?

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