Supporting Parents of Bilinguals and English Language Learners is my call to parents raising bilingual kids in the US who may be feeling frustrated by the lack of resources currently available to them. My goal is to engage in conversations, to foster bilingual education efforts, and to provide parents of English language learners with educational resources and information that support their own learning and that of their children.

As an educator, a parent, and an English language learner, I am a proud supporter of bilingual education for all children. Being a parent has given me the opportunity and experience of raising my kids in a bilingual school in the USA. My work experience as an educator and district leader exposes me to resources and ideas concerning bilingual students.

If you are the parent of a language learner sign up for my mailing list by providing your email address using this link or the form below. My updates address education-related topics that we as parents should know about to better support our learners.

Best Regards,

Sugely Solano, Ed.D (Candidate)

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