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A vibrant platform sharing innovative ideas and practical resources aimed at supporting multilingual learners. My goal is to empower teachers in their mission to cultivate successful bilingual and multilingual students.

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Dive into a handpicked collection of inspiring books, perfect for stimulating thoughtful discussions and enriching professional learning among educators. This list continues to grow to keep you updated with new releases and more.

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Explore my curated selection of indispensable books from my ESL teacher and coordinator journey. These are tried-and-true resources I’ve used and highly recommend to educators and leaders in the field.

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Explore a range of classroom resources and apparel that embraces and supports multilingual learning.

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multilingual empowering

The Importance of Pronouncing Student Names Correctly.

Get actionable tips and learn how to pronounce student names!

The importance of learning a language is well-supported when a child’s language development is encouraged, celebrated, and recognized as part of their identity.

Dra. Sugely Solano

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