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Best Books for ESOL Teachers

A collection of the best books for ESOL teachers by category. Use this list to easily find professional learning books that target your area of interest as an educator and leader.

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Assessment of English Learners

How to differentiate assessment.

Effective practices for assessing diverse learners.

Focuses on assessing newcomer students in USA schools.

A set of tools, techniques, and ideas for planning and implementing instructional assessment of ELLs.

Best Practices

All teachers are English language learner teachers.

Shows how to integrate language while teaching content.

Focuses on the language that students encounter and need to use in different content areas.

A resource guide focusing on culturally responsive teaching.

ESL teacher books

Practical strategies to scaffold reading and writing for English learners.

Instructional practices focus on visual support, learning by doing, and oral language production.

Strategies for teachers to use on a daily basis.

Helps teachers determine student stages and modify assignments and assessments.

Practical guidelines and strategies for meeting the needs of every student in your classroom.

Provides practical strategies to scaffold instruction for students at different proficiency levels.

Provides research and practical strategies for teaching English learners.

Provides teachers and leaders with all they need to design high-quality curricula for multilingual learners.

Introduces the crucial techniques and approaches of scaffolding. Ten interactive modules assist every K-12 educator in providing support in innovative ways.

Bilingual Education

Resources to help you support Bilingual Education.

Uses researched-based pedagogical practices to enhance language development in immersion programs.

Focuses on challenges and best practices for teaching dual-language learners.

Guidance to help distinguish language disorders in dual language learners.

Collaboration and Co-teaching

Books for ESL teachers focusing on collaboration and co-teaching.

Addresses co-planning in detail among content and ESOL teachers.

Guidelines, self-assessments, and questionnaires for collaborating. Available in audiobook.

An in-depth profile of all 7 MLL co-teaching models.

Reviews co-teaching and integrated services.

Uses empirical studies to guide collaboration among English learners.

A co-planning guide that focuses on integrating scaffolds for English learners.

ESL Program Implementation

Best Books for ESL Teachers

Takes leadership teams, professional learning communities, and educators from good ideas to systematic impact.

Identifies ways to help teachers learn culturally responsive learners.

A resource guide addressing professional learning for teachers of English learners.

A leader’s guide for creating and sustaining equitable schools for English learners.

Provides a road-map for capitalizing on the often untapped language expertise of ESL teachers.

Gifted Multilingual Learners

Resources to address Gifted and English learners.

Offers concrete guidance about gifted and English language learners.


Supporting Newcomers.

A resource guide for teaching beginning-level English learners.

Identifies strategies and guidance for assessing and supporting newcomers.

Focuses on ways to identify student education and socio-emotional needs.

A comprehensive guide for schools and teachers.

Multilingual Learners

Reading Development

Resources that support reading development for English learners

Focuses on how English learners develop reading and language skills.

Distinguishing Language Acquisition From Learning Disabilities.

Special Education

Best Books for ESOL teachers about Special Education

Teaching Language and Content

All teachers are English language learner teachers.

Shows how to integrate language while teaching content.

Focuses on the language that students encounter and need to use in different content areas.

A resource book provides teaching ideas organized by SIOP’s 8 components.

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