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Empower your teaching practice with our comprehensive collection of professional development resources. Designed to support educators at every stage of their careers, these resources provide valuable insights, strategies, and tools to enhance your instructional skills and classroom management.

Favorite ESL Teacher Books
Are you looking for recommendations on hand-picked books specifically tailored for ESL teachers? This list of highly recommended books helps ESL teachers in their professional development and teaching practice. See reccomendaiton.
Teaching Strategies and Best Practices
Explore articles and guides that provide evidence-based strategies for improving student outcomes and creating an inclusive classroom environment. See resources.
ESL Teachers by Category
Find ESL teacher books organized by category: special education, advocacy books, assessment, best practices, bilingual education, coteaching, gifted ELs, ESL programming, and many more. See Books.
Book Study
Learn more about running book studies with educators of English learners. Find books that make great book studies.
Language Learning Conferences
WIDA Annual Conference – Focuses on advancing the academic language development and academic achievement of linguistically diverse students through comprehensive assessments, standards, and professional learning.
ACTFL Conference – Brings together language educators from around the world to share innovative teaching practices, research, and resources that enhance language learning and teaching.
TESOL Convention – Provides a global platform for ESL educators to engage in professional development, share research, and explore new teaching methodologies to serve English learners better.
NADSFL Conference – Offers district supervisors and language education leaders a space to collaborate, share insights, and develop strategies to support and improve language programs at the district level.

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