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ESL Teacher Books

Educator Resources

A Comprehensive Guide by Category

This is a collection of ESL teacher books by category. Use this list to easily find professional learning books that target your area of interest as an educator and leader.

Please note that this list contains affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. My full disclosure is at the bottom of the page.

Advocacy Books

Empowering for Advocacy.

Assessment of English Learners

Resources to differentiate assessment.

Best Practices

All teachers are English language learner teachers.

Bilingual Education

Resources to help you support Bilingual Education.

Collaboration and Co-teaching

Books for ESL teachers focusing on collaboration and co-teaching.

EL Program Implementation Books

Best Books for ESL Teachers

Gifted Multilingual Learners Books

Resources to address Gifted and English learners.

EL Professional Learning Books

A selection of books about implementing professional learning.

Coaching for Multilingual Student Success: Intentional Practices to Accelerate Learning and Close Achievement Gaps (Instructional coaching that fully supports teachers of multilingual learners)


Newcomers Books

Books for ESOL teachers addressing newcomer student needs.

How to Teach Reading to ESL Students

Resources that support reading development for English learners

Special Education and ESL Books

Best Books for ESOL teachers about Special Education

Teaching Language and Content Books

All teachers are English language learner teachers.

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