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The Importance of Pronouncing Student Names Correctly

Connecting with students is an important part of teaching in K-12 classrooms. Students feel better when they know that their teacher cares. Teachers can show students that they care by learning to pronounce their names correctly. Understanding that a student’s name is part of their identity is important for teaching all learners.

Learning a student’s name is not only crucial to non-English speakers. Name pronunciation is essential to all students, regardless of their origin. Did anyone ever mispronounce your name? If someone ever mispronounces your name, you most likely understand how uncomfortable this feels. 


Growing up in my native country, I never had to explain my name to anyone around me. We learned and knew each other’s first and last names in school. We were called by our first and last names during roll calling every morning. Everyone around me could say my name with no problem.

Every name has a story

A name has a history and special meaning, and it is part of their childhood identity. My name has a history of its own. I was named Sugelis because my parents wanted my siblings and me to have similar rhyme names. My parents didn’t realize how often my name would be butchered in the USA when they named me Sugelis

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