Professional Learning Books

A collection of recommended books for educators.

By Category

A list by category divided into assessment, special education, gifted, content teaching, collaborating and coteaching.

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Book Studies

A list of books that make a great book study to lead and hold professional learning sessions among educators.

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Favorite Books

A vetted list of my favorite books as an ESL teacher and coordinator. Books I have used and recommend to leaders and teachers.

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ESL Teaching Planners

Stay organize with the right ESL teacher planner perfect for keeping track of ESL teacher’s monthly appointments and responsibilities.

Looking for an easy and simple way to organize your ESL teaching responsibilities? This ESL teacher planner is perfect for keeping track of ESL teacher’s daily, weekly, and monthly appointments and responsibilities.

This planner helps you stay organized and have the most important information for your working schedule and student information handy.

Look inside to see the great resources at a glance. See planner!

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ESOL Teacher Planners

Goal setting Organize & Plan Get productive using one of these beautiful, dated, and undated…

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This list grows as I find additional books to share to better support us in teaching English learners. Please note that this article contains affiliate links, and that means that I may earn a commission if you buy something.  Updated 2/6/2021.

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