Resources for educators of language learners

Colorín Colorado

Colorín Colorado is a free bilingual site for educators and families. I often visit this site to learn more about language learners. | Link

Language Magazine

Language Magazine is a monthly publication. Moreover, it provides cutting-edge information for language learners, educators, and professionals around the world. It also promotes and presents research addressing early bilingual education. | Link

WIDA Language Standards

 WIDA is the leading organization addressing English language development standards. Additionally, WIDA focuses on developing assessments and resources for language learners. Furthermore, they recently added Spanish language arts resources that parents or educators can explore as well. | Link


The online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. Learn about any language, writing systems, constructed scripts, and access these pages in other languages. |

Other Websites

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ESOL Teacher Planners

Goal setting Organize & Plan Get productive using one of these beautiful, dated, and undated…

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Multilingualism Posters

Multilingual PostersExplore our vibrant multilingual posters for classroom and office showcasing designs that honor the…

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hello poster

Hello Poster

Celebrate Multilingualism Hello Poster A multilingual poster to use in the classroom, office, or at…

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Welcome Poster

Celebrate Multilingualism Welcome Poster A welcoming poster to use in the classroom, office, or at…

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