Benefits of Using Imagine Learning

Schools have been using online applications to support learning for years. Unfortunately, there are too many applications out there and not all of them do what they claim to do. One known application is Imagine learning. I have seen the benefits of using Imagine Learning to support language and literacy development. It is an online program that I highly recommend.

Imagine Learning

Imagine language and literacy is an online adaptive instructional program that provides language and literacy instruction to English language learners and struggling readers. In particular, the program engages students through a personalized learning pathway. The program originated from Utah, a state known for dual language programs and learning.

The benefits of using Imagine Learning are endless. For example, the program teaches reading by incorporating the five essentials of reading instruction. These include phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar, and academic language.

  • Students learn to read grade-level texts independently and communicate ideas effectively.
  • Adaptive instruction, multidisciplinary content, and real-world connections make learning meaningful and relevant.

Program usage

As with any online instructional program, progress and language development depends on consistent and independent usage. Subsequently, students should use the program at least 30 minutes a day three times a week.

Reward Feature

Imagine Learning uses high-interest texts, game-like activities, and fun instructional videos to motivate today’s students. For example, students play and earn points called booster bits. Once a student earns 1,000 booster bits, they enter an imaginary museum for 90 seconds of fun activities.

Native Language Support

Imagine Learning provides English language learners native language support that phases out over time. The program uses native language support to provide directions so that non-English speakers are able to follow along in the program. Furthermore, the program supports a total of 15 languages.

Teacher Engagement

What’s unique about this program is that a teacher supports the account usage. Because of this the company only sells accounts to schools or educators that compromise to implement the program in a structured environment. For instance, teachers review student progress and re-teach the lessons that students struggle with. For example, to practice fluency students are recorded while reading embedded books. Teachers listen to audio recordings to monitor usage and review progress.


As an online program, Imagine Learning only works on the chrome browser or via the Imagine Language and Literacy application. The program recommends that students use a headset with a microphone to record as they read, but this is not a requirement. Nevertheless, when using an iPad, students can easily record themselves while they read as long as the microphone feature is activated.

How to Help from Home

You can help from home by encouraging and monitoring your child’s account usage. There’s no need for you to help complete the learning activities. Hence the program adapts to your child’s language and reading level. Students should do the program on their own to reflect what they know and need to learn. As a parent, you can support by providing a device and a routine to ensure students complete their learning activities.

Overall Imagine Learning has the ability to complement any classroom instruction by helping students achieve reading and language proficiency. Remember to engage and foster account usage to see the benefits of using Imagine Learning as a language and literacy program. As a result, you’ll see that higher account usage provides better results.

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