Parenting Multilingual Learners

A resource page for parents. Advocating and guiding parents of language learners.

Raising Dual Lanuage Kids?

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See how language exposure, instruction, resources, and parent engagement makes a difference.

Raising English learners?

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Access educational resources that guide you through making decisions to support the education of English language learners.

New to a US School?

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Learn how the US school system works. Discover how to navigate school policies, routines, and how to advocate to support your child in US schools.


Supporting Parents and teachers of language learners.

Parenting Guides

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Access free parenting guides about parenting related issues and schools.

Kids’ Activity

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A selection of kids’ activity worksheets that help parents keep kids busy.

Kids’ Books

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A vetted list of recommended books for kids of all ages. Including bestsellers!


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Our Products

Plan, organize, and celebrate languages with these products.


Celebrate your students’ languages with elegant home or office posters.

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Organize and plan with a variety of planners and journals.

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Spanglish Shop

Fun Spanglish finds for the language learning fan.

Kids activity Book

Recent Posts

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Diversity Books

A collection of grade level books that celebrate diversity Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3…

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Spanish Workbooks

Spanish Activity Workbooks Practice fosters learning. This list contains a list of engaging Spanish activity…

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How to Further your education as an adult

As parents, we sometimes pause our own education by solely dedicating our time and effort to further our children’s education. Did I say pause!? Yes! We often choose not to continue our education and forget that furthering our own career and education benefits our kids.

Getting an education is too often put at-side and not a priority. I am here to tell you why getting an education can benefit everyone and serve as an example to others.

Consider your education status

Figuring out what to do to further your education can seem like a huge task. However, setting career goals is the first step to figure out how to proceed. Once you decide to return to school, you’ll want to determine your education level

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