Reading development is best supported exposing kids to books. Exposure includes giving access to online books or providing paperback books regularly. Below you’ll find some resources that provide access to free and paid books. The list includes English and Spanish books.

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These resources are appropriate for Kindergarten and for young learners up to 12th grade. Feel free to share with other parents and teachers. Remember to read to your child to build lifelong readers!


Recommended books At Glance

A vetted list of recommended books for kids of all ages.

English Books by Age

A collection of English books preferred and most purchased for ages Baby to 12.


Looking for books that focus on diversity? Check out this list by grade level!

Teenage Books

A collection of books for teenagers of ages 12 and above.

A collection of Spanish books kids prefer and most purchased for ages Baby to 12.

Book Collections

Includes sets of multiple books by theme. for different ages.


Books at a glance

A vetted list of recommended books for kids of all ages.

Online English Resources

A list of online websites that provides access to online English books.

Access a list of online websites that provide access to online Spanish books.

Organize & Plan

Access a variety of planners to help organize and plan during busy times.

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Diversity Books

Multicultural Books for Elementary Students Diversity Books for Toddlers Acceptance is my Superpower: A children’s…

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Spanish Workbooks

Spanish Activity Workbooks Practice fosters learning. This list contains a list of engaging Spanish activity…

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Do you know of other bilingual, Spanish, or English resources you could share? Share your resources here! Let’s grow this list.

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