raising English Language Learner Group

Raising ELLs Group

A Facebook Group for parents raising English language learners in the USA.

The responsibility of raising English language learners (ELL ) is huge. It is a responsibility that comes with numerous benefits and concerns. For this reason, I created the Raising English Language Learner Group in Facebook.

raising English Language Learner Group

It is no longer enough to rely on the schools to fully educate English language learners. There are several things that parents can do to engage in the education of these learners. However, not all parents are aware of the need to engage.

Some parents are unsure of how to help. Others think that the school takes full responsibility for the education of ELLs. However, there are various things that parents should consider and must do to support the success of their English language learners.

The Raising English Language Learner Facebook Group focuses on providing parents a safe place to discuss their child’s concerns. The group welcomes all parents of English language learners. Including parents of newly arrived students and English language learners born in the USA.

What will I get from the group?

  • How are students identified ELLs?
  • What if my child is struggling to learn English?
  • How do I know if my child is receiving English as a second language service?
  • When will my child no longer be considered an ELL?
  • Why should I continue speaking my language to my child?

The Raising English Language Learner Facebook Group will guide and address all of these concerns and more. Join to ask questions or clarify any concerns.

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