Benefits of School Open House

A Quick Guide for Parents

School Open House events are exciting opportunities for parents to gain insights into their child’s educational journey. If you’re the parent of a multilingual learner, attending these events can be especially beneficial. We often hear that parent involvement is important to our kid’s education, and attending Open House is another way to get involved. 

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This post explores what Open House is, what you can expect at the elementary and secondary levels, and the numerous benefits of attending.

What Is Open House?

Like Back to School Nights, Open House is an event hosted by schools, typically once a year, where parents and guardians are invited to visit the school. Parents meet with teachers and get a glimpse into their child’s classroom and educational experience. It’s a chance to learn about the curriculum, teaching methods, school events, and culture.

Elementary School

At the elementary level, you can visit your child’s classroom, see some of their artwork, and observe the learning environment. You’ll meet your child’s teachers and hear about their strategies to support multilingual learners in acquiring language skills. Schools often provide an overview of the curriculum, including how they integrate language learning into various subjects.

Some Open House events in elementary school include hands-on activities or demonstrations that showcase the learning experiences your child enjoys. This is also a night where you’ll meet the head of school or principal. Some schools might also share information about school activities, academic programs, and extracurricular activities.

Secondary School

In secondary school, open houses may involve subject-specific sessions in secondary school where you can meet individual subject teachers.  You’ll receive information about college and career planning, which can be crucial for multilingual learners as they consider their future paths.  For older multilingual learners, Open House can provide insights into advanced language courses and how they can excel.

Parents should remember to bring their child’s class schedule to the open house in secondary school. Having the schedule will help you navigate to the classes with ease. It may also prevent you from waiting for the school to provide a copy of the class schedule. 

Benefits for Parents that Attend Open House

There are various benefits that parents experience when attending a school open house.

  1. Better Understanding: Attending Open House helps you understand your child’s daily school life, making it easier to support their academic progress.
  2. Communication: It fosters open communication between parents and teachers, allowing you to discuss any specific language needs your child might have.
  3. Language Support: You can learn about the language support programs and resources available for multilingual learners, ensuring your child receives the necessary assistance.
  4. Community Building: It’s a chance to connect with other parents navigating similar challenges.
  5. Motivation: Open House can motivate your child to take pride in their language skills and perform better academically.
  6. Future Planning: For secondary students, it guides planning for college and career options, including how language skills can be an asset.

Conclusion: School Open House is a valuable opportunity for parents to engage with their child’s education and the school community. By attending, you can gain insights, strengthen communication with teachers, and help your child succeed on their multilingual journey. Don’t miss this chance to participate in your child’s educational experience actively.

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