Navigating the U.S. School System

How does the American school system work?

Navigating the school system

I understand that transitioning into a new educational system can be both exciting and challenging for immigrant families. My mission is to empower you with vital information and resources to navigate the intricacies of the US school system confidently.

Comprehensive guides

Explore insightful guides that shed light on important aspects, including curriculum standards, grading systems, and parent-teacher communication. We address common questions to help you become an active advocate for your child’s education.

Language development

Learn about available language support programs, cultural enrichment initiatives, and opportunities for parent involvement. Discover strategies to foster cultural connections at home while embracing your child’s unique identity as they flourish in their educational journey.

How to register your child in a US school

US schools welcome new students coming from all over the world every day. It is one of the unique responsibilities that we, as ESL teachers, enjoy the most. Have you ever wondered how schools support your child when he/she arrives at a new US school? As an ESL Coordinator, I have had the opportunity to set up a welcoming environment for students from around the world.

How does my child learn English in school?

Program models in US school systems vary depending on staff availability and school-wide resources. Across the United States, most schools use one of various English language learners programs to teach English language learners.  

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How do schools assess for English proficiency?

The annual ACCESS test, also known as the WIDA test, is an English language test that measures a student’s language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The test informs classroom instruction and helps make placement decisions for students in kindergarten to 12th grade. Scores are sent home to parents each year.

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