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Vocabulary Journal

Research about learning a language documents that increasing your vocabulary increases one’s ability to speak and comprehend a language.

vocabulary journal

A vision board to document your long term goals in learning a language

Long term goals
Long term vision

Document your current language proficiency status and goal

Track your listening skills
Track your speaking abilities
Track your reading skills
Track your writing abilities

listening skills tracker

Improve Your Language

Use this styled journal to maintain your focus and set attainable goals.

Increase your vocabulary whether you’re learning Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, German, or any other language.

Give it as a gift of learning a language!

Use the vocabulary pages to track your vocabulary journey

Increase vocabulary
Review new vocabulary
Practice sentence writing
Use written sentences to practice speaking

Note pages complement each vocabulary page

5 minute journaling
Maximize vocabulary learning time

Improve Your Language

It’s never too late to learn a language!

Improve your comprehension and vocabulary with hands on practice each day.

Order Yours Today!

Language learning goal planner

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