Educating Bilinguals


Get educational resources and support for your multilingual learner

  • Are your kids learning English and another language?
  • Do you ever feel confused about how to best support your child in school?
  • Are you able to navigate the U.S. School system?

Understanding how to advocate and support your child in elementary, middle, or high school can be a challenge sometimes. But parent engagement doesn’t have to be a challenge…

Join a parent community in support of language learners!

Individual language is often easy to grasp. However, when it comes to raising and educating bilinguals, professional assistance is a must. If you have just moved to the U.S. and facing difficulty understanding the education system, you have certainly got to the right place.

We understand that raising language learners can be a challenge; this is why I help parents like you by providing the educational resources and support in raising kids learning English and other languages.

Kids Doing Homework
Raising Bilinguals? English language learners?

You know that the school system and courses evolve in every era. Often, parents don’t know how to assist kids in their studies, particularly their first child. Parents can be excellent mentors with a little assistance. If you are a parent, join our community and leave the rest on us.

Just like school procedures and courses vary from generation to generation, it does from area to area. Understanding the U.S. school system might be complicated for you if you are not a native English speaker.


How will you benefit?

Develop your child skills

E.B. is responsible for developing your child’s skills if he is learning English with another language. Parents not always know the correct strategies to teach and support language and academics simultaneously. However, we make this manageable for both parents and their kids.

Know the right way to support your child

We teach the appropriate methodologies and techniques to formulate an effective education alliance with your child. Parents sometimes lack the ability to counsel their children in education. This is because to be a good advocate, you must understand the current education atmosphere. Know the familiar problems faced by families and children who are bilingual, then catch up with the ideas and treatments.

Navigate school system in the USA

Access all the information regarding the U.S. school system and how they differ from other countries’ school systems. We have a wide range of knowledge about the most well-known schools in the U.S. We enable you to plan a successful schedule for your child’s pre-schooling and future schooling.


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