How to Use Schoology to Support Learning at Home

Online learning has increased the amount of support that we as parents need to provide to students at home. This support involves guiding, learning applications, and keeping up with email communication from school. It may involve having to learn how to use Schoology to support learning at home.


As parents, we must be able to support students learning from home. Visually, Schoology is very similar to Facebook. Where teachers and students collaborate between a class using videos, presentations, or documents.

Many schools are using the Schoology platform to teach students online. Schoology is a learning management system that schools use to create and share learning content and resources. Parents should learn how to navigate this learning tool to participate in their kids at home.

In Schoology, parents and students use updates and course material features. For example, in updates, teachers post announcements or class activities for students and parents. The course section holds all class materials, assessments, and conversations for a course. Courses provide other features in a course such as a link to other websites and the ability to view and upload assignments.

How do I view my child’s Classes or Courses?

When you click Courses, a list of your child’s courses appears. Courses are like virtual classes. That’s where the student learns and communicates with his teacher and other students. Courses contain all learning materials (for example, files, tasks, and assessments) along with the communication tools for each course.

The screen that is used the most is the materials session of a course. Students can view video or PowerPoint presentations and submit assignments required in a course. Additionally, assessments and quizzes are held in the course session. This allows students to take and submit an assessment for a given subject.

Below is an overview of the Schoology platform and how to view/access your child’s classes.

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